Point of Sale

We think it’s essential to make the sales process as simple and intuitive as possible. If users cannot simply and quickly do what they need to, then mistakes will be made, too much time will be spent working the system and the customer will be kept waiting.

Key Benefits

  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Detailed infomation when you need it
  • Powerful searching abilities
  • Handle complicated sales and payments
  • Comprehensive discounting options

Powerful Search

Our powerful search engine gives you multiple searching abilities, you can search by part number, description, location, category, brand and supplier.


We love barcodes :), you can scan items, units, contacts, job cards, orders, contracts and even payment methods, you can perform a whole sale just with your barcode scanner.

Multiple Payments

You can have multiple payments per invoice, allocate payments to finance companies and take deposits. Payments can be allocated to a contacts account.

Estimates / Quotes

Create estimates for any item, unit, job and contract, they can be modified and duplicated. Easily convert an estimate to a sales order or invoice at any stage.

Sales Orders / Laybys

Take payments, allocate stock and reserve a unit against a sales order, it can be recalled at any time to take an additional payment or apply a modification.

Internal Sales

Internal sales allow you to write off internal expenses, these can be workshop sundries or a stock adjustment, allocate internal sales against a unit as a pre or post sale expense.


Evopos makes discounting a breeze, you can discount by a percentage, amount and total. You can always see a breakdown to show your profit margins.

Multiple Stores

Search multiple stores when entering an item, these stores can be manaufacturers / suppliers prices files or even another branch.

Item Details

See the important details when selling an item, know when you last sold the item, how many you have in stock and other important information.

Cash In Cash Out

Easily pay in to and out of your cash drawer, this journals the money from your in hand cash to your petty cash account.

Shipping Consignments

Create, print and email shipping consignments, you can specifiy a carrier, tracking no and track each item individualy.

Customer Ordering

Customer order any item from your stock or price file, the order can be tracked and any stage and the customer can be notified (SMS/Email) when received.

Price Levels

Set up custom pricing for your customers, this can be based on an item or category, you can discount or mark up and choose whether to show a discount.


Actions can be used for setting up kits, displaying messages to the operator or customer and upselling items.


Any line on a transaction can be assigned to a sales person, you can report on these sales and setup multi level commission schemes.

Batch / Z Reporting

Count up your end of day totals for each payment method, set opening and closing balances for your cash drawers and print or export the report.

Reverse Transactions

Mistakes happen, this can be easily reversed to allocate payment back to the customer or a credit on their account.

Import Transaction

Any transaction can be re imported into the sales screen, this can be for fixing a mistake or a repeat invoice.

Import Orders

Import orders from a file into a sales order, these files could be from a website or another application. Recall the imported orders to invoice out.

Bulk Invoicing

Any sales order can be marked ready to invoice, you can invoice all these orders with one click which can save a lot of time.


You can put a transaction on hold at any time, this allows you to continue using Evopos until the transaction is ready to be saved. You can even recall on another workstation if moving around.