Benefits to help evolve your business

Using Evopos has many benefits that will help grow your business, give you more control and save time. Here are just a few.

Improve Customer Service

Customers are impressed with quick service, having the right items in stock and being kept informed. Evopos helps you achieve all this whilst also saving you time by automating many common tasks.

What cannot be automated is handled in a speedy and intuitive manner.

Generate more sales

Evopos helps improve sales at the Point Of Sale by automatically bringing up sales prompts and suggesting alternative products.

You can also help bring more customers in by using the comprehensive marketing and communication tools, for example you can send automated service reminders SMS messages, target specific groups of customers for specific offers or email newsletters to build loyalty.

Create a good impression

Having stock well presented and clearly priced can help increase sales, as will professional looking invoices, receipts, statements and reports (complete with logos and personalised messages).

With the option of a customer display monitor, similar to those in large supermarkets, Evopos can display any type of content you like. Primarily, customers can view their transaction totals as they are entered, but you could also display live video feeds, photographs or special offers to keep them informed as they shop.

Free up your time

Evopos is a great for avoiding duplication as you only need to enter customer, unit or job details once. Even when entering data for the first time we have templates to make it quicker and easier. Repetitive tasks such as entering multiple parts for services or common jobs can be automated.

Looking up sales history, customer order status, what people are doing, job status etc takes seconds instead of minutes or hours. Clear concise reports quickly show you what you need to know.

Reduce Costs

Spend less on software, Evopos is affordable for any business large or small. Our pricing is split into different modules so you only pay for what you need.

We also have special packages for certain industries to give you more features for less.

Beat your competition

Use features like email and SMS marketing to keep your customers coming back, Evopos enables you to deliver a proffessional service to your customers.

Instant Expert allows you to track market prices for units and items, be ahead of your competition by offering the best prices.